Sacred Earth Foundation, more commonly known by the place-name Ekone Ranch, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to hold Sacred Earth Foundation lands in trust, steward with reverence, and teach sustainable living to children of all ages.

Protecting and actively stewarding 1,060 acres in and around Rock Creek Canyon, an important tributary of the Columbia River, we also share the land with hundreds of visitors each year, through Ekone Summer Camps, White Eagle Memorial Preserve, school field trips, and retreats, workshops and gatherings for adults, families and children.  

After removing abandoned buildings and piles of trash that once spoiled the beauty and integrity of the land at the edge of Rock Creek Canyon, Ekone campers and staff built this medicine wheel with stones taken from the foundations of the old buildings, and celebrated their restoration work.  This site is now at the corner of the burial grounds.

Organizational Structure

Sacred Earth Foundation is an old organization with a young structure, having grown into a model of shared leadership since the death of founder Ray Mitchell in 2007.  Roles have been created, articulated, and clarified; leadership has been cultivated among board and staff; and clear agreements and expectations have been created by and for residents, staff, board members, guests, and program participants.  Please view our Organizational Chart for a snapshot overview of how we’re structured now.

Strategic Plan & Annual Priorities

In April of 2012, our board of directors, staff, residents, and key advisors met to create a 3-5 year Strategic Plan, which we are delighted to share with you.  From this foundation and the ongoing needs of the organization, the land, and the people we serve, we set our Annual Initiatives and Annual Workplan.  While we are deeply engaged in tackling some of the ambitious plans made in 2012, we will revisit and update the strategic plan in 2016.  


A small organization with a modest budget, we are proud and grateful that Sacred Earth Foundation is financially sound, with clear fiscal management policies and an engaged board of directors exercising fiduciary responsibility.  Since becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2009, we have filed IRS Form 990 annually and are pleased to share our records with you.

2012 Form 990


2013 Form 990


(2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014 will be made digitally available soon)