Homestead Camp

These action-packed sessions will build campers’ confidence, character, skills, and muscles, while having a ton of fun with some of Ekone’s camp 2013 005 (Small)most dynamic and talented campers and staff!  

PLEASE NOTE: There is no horseback riding during Homestead Camp. The horses are busy teaching campers in Session 4A! 

Do you dream of the ranch life out on the open range, living off the land and gaining homesteading and survival skills? Have you ever wanted to build a fire without matches, make your own clothing and soap, and preserve food for winter in the traditional ways? If so, come on down to Homestead Camp!

This camp is designed especially for those who love to make things with their own two hands, learn how things work, and enjoy the satisfaction of gaining useful skills. During Homestead Camp we won’t be working with horses, but we will be working with leather, power tools, pasta machines, canning jars, and our own hands and feet to gain new skills and build confidence and community.

Our projects will center around the necessities of ranch life and DIY skills, including as many of the following Spring Break 2013 044 - Copy (Medium)as we can fit in:

  • Harvesting, canning, and preserving food
  • Wilderness survival skills: direction-finding, shelter-building, snare-making, etc
  • Making sausage, pasta, and other goodies from scratch
  • Leatherworking
  • Papermaking
  • Putting in hay and firewood
  • Flint knapping
  • Wood working
  • Making candles and soap
  • Identifying edible and medicinal plants
  • Making herbal salve and chapstick, and other herbal remedies
  • Milking goats and tending to pigs, chickens, and other livestock
  • And of course, campfire songs, sleeping under the stars, swimming in the pond, playing games, laughing, making new friends, and all the usual Ekone magic!

Note that Homestead Campers will not ride horses, but you’ll still have an amazing Ekone time, we promise! 

IMG_1532 (Small)In 2018, we’re offering just ONE session of Homestead Camp:

July 8-14     Ages 8-18     Tuition: $970     Capacity: 12 campers

This session runs concurrent to an all-level horse camp, and will accommodate younger homesteaders.  Any returning homesteaders are most welcome, and will receive more in-depth coaching and leadership experience! 

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Former Ekone camp director Liz Coppola is back at it with Homestead Camp, doing what she does best…and joined by a crew of all-star helpers!

DSC_1006 (Small)Liz Coppola is a dynamic leader and longtime Ekone staff member, who first came to Ekone as a camper in 1995 and hasn’t missed a summer since.  She is currently living at Ekone year-round and serving as facilities manager, as well as top-hand-wrangler!  Liz graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts with a BA in Media and Cultural Studies, as well as working at the college’s farm and CSA.  She spent five years as a livestock manager on a pasture-based organic farm on Vashon Island, WA.  Liz is certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Chris Woodcockcamp 2013 003 (Small) is the original homestead mama, having raised three kids deep in the wilderness of British Columbia.  She’s Ekone’s much-loved kitchen queen, and will bring some of her tried & true homestead lore to this special session.


For a taste of Homestead Camp, check out this 2016 slideshow: