Because we host programs for children and other private groups, and are not equipped to receive unexpected guests, we ask that you contact us before dropping in.  Thanks! 

Follow Highway 97 south from Yakima, or Highway 97 north from the Columbia River.

  • From Highway 97, take the Broadway Street/Hwy. 142 exit at the 76 Service Station (north-most of 3 Goldendale exits). 
  • Go one block, then turn left at Aimee’s Attic onto Bickleton Road (taking you under the highway, heading east). 
  • Follow east for 10 miles and then turn left onto Old Mountain Road. 
  • In approximately 1 mile, the pavement curves to the right and crosses Badger Gulch–follow it across the small bridge to stay on Old Mountain Road. 
  • About 3 miles later, the pavement ends.  Slow down.  Save our roads and neighborly relations, reduce dust and wear and tear on  your car; keep it under 25mph. 
  • In another mile, turn right on  Ekone Road.  Slow down again–10mph past our closest neighbors and down our driveway.  Follow Ekone Road for almost 1 mile down into a large valley with a pond, beautiful horses, and smiling children!
  • Park in the parking circle when you FIRST enter the Valley (where there is a kiosk) and check in at the main Lodge, the large octagon building. 

Plan for 25 minutes of travel time from Goldendale to Ekone Ranch.  The trip is about 2.5 hours from Portland and 3.5 hours from Seattle. 

We do not recommend using directions from Mapquest, Googlemaps, GPS, etc.  They will lead you down the old goat trail.

Call 509-773-4536 (main ranch line) with any questions.  (But do note that many cell phones don’t work beyond Goldendale.  Welcome to the wild west!)

You can also find Ekone Ranch on Facebook.