Passage for Girls: A Coming-of-Age Journey in Nature

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PLEASE NOTE: There is no riding in the Passage for Girls session. Some time will be spent with horses from the ground, but this is their week off from riding! 

Young women ages 12-19 are invited  to spend a week on a journey of self-discovery in nature. Explore your inner wisdom, passions and creativity through daily practices of meditation, journaling, art, movement, drumming, and horse play.  This life-changing week will include solo time for reflection, a ceremonial sweat, sharing in group council and ceremony. We will learn how plants and animals are our allies as we walk the land, discover our spirit animals and dance the night away!

This program will meet you where you are in your journey into womanhood, whether you are just stepping into your teen years and making the transition from child to young woman, or are embarking on the adventure of adulthood. 

For those who have attended Ekone Summer Camp for years and feel a deep connection to Ekone land and horses, this will be an opportunity to dig in and discover the heart of that connection. Ekone is a tremendously empowering environment for young women–this week, we’ll place our focus on the lessons that the land and animals offer us as we grow into womanhood.

We’ll develop new relationships with our horse friends, spending intentional time interacting with horses from the ground and allowing them to teach us about ourselves.  While we won’t be riding during this session, we can promise a powerful experience with these gentle teachers.

Past participants rave about Passage.  Campers make deep friendships and experience an exciting new depth of community, sense of place, and self-awareness that is both FUN in the moment and can also ripple through the rest of your life.  Many participants have returned year after year,IMG_4011 (Small) embracing Passage as the ongoing process that it is.

Whether you are brand-new to Ekone or have been coming for years, you will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, a greater connection to the earth, and a new appreciation for the wisdom of horses.

Be prepared to laugh, grow, dive deep, and have tons of fun!!

July 15-21, 2018      Ages: 12-19         Tuition: $970          

PLEASE NOTE: There is a Supplementary Packing List for Passage participants. All campers must have these items before arriving at the ranch. If you need assistance finding or buying these items, please let us know. 

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Check out the the slideshow from Passage for Girls 2015!


Your guide for the journey- Charlene Ray MSW, LICSW

Charlene is a wise and experienced mentor for the journey. IMG_3811 (Small)She has spent the last 27 years guiding youth through adolescence and into adulthood. Charlene created and leads a rite of passage program at a high school on Whidbey Island, every year they travel to Ekone for a five day quest that includes 24 hours of solo time on the land. Charlene is a heart-centered therapist who has a unique style of intuitive work that blends traditional shamanic practices with archetypes, alchemical healing, guided imagery and breathwork. Charlene’s love of nature and arts is woven into her work. The latest addition to her repertoire is Equine Guided Coaching, where the power and grace of the horses are called upon to bring out a person’s authentic soul gifts.

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“I have tried to put into words what I would like to say, but I am not sure there are words to describe my feelings. THANK YOU, I don’t think that I will ever be able to say that enough to everyone at Ekone. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that Paige had to come and be a part of the passage for girls. This is not the same girl I dropped off on day one of camp, she returned to me seven days later with a better understanding of who she is. I can tell she was fully nurtured…mind, body and soul. This is a very special place that Paige and us as her family will forever hold in our hearts.” Melissa, mother of Paige, 2014

“I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for the experience Adia just had at the Rite Of Passage camp. She is overflowing with insights and a sense of self. Her sharing reveals to me an experience I could only dream for her. You have guided her back to her roots and pointed her to her future in a way that she connects with. I shed tears of joy and gratitude as I write this, she needed this experience so much, I could not have wanted more for her. Adia returns home with a new sense of self, a sense of direction and purpose, a sense of belonging, of having a place in this world. Please share my heartfelt words of the deepest gratitude for what you all have contributed to the fabric of my daughters life.  with a mother’s love and thanks”  Quoia, mother of Adia, 2014