Driven by our mission to hold Sacred Earth Foundation land in trust and steward with reverence, Ekone Ranch is constantly working to reduce our footprint on the land and in the world.

Energy: Ekone Ranch is an off-the-grid community powered by solar energy, wind power and a generator run off biodiesel that we make on site from used veggie oil.

Water: Delicious Ekone water comes from our own well, and Ekone residents practice a variety of water conservation methods, such as composting ‘humanure’ and reusing bath and dish water to flush toilets and water plants.  Residents and guests are extremely careful about using only natural, biodegradable products on the property.

Ecological Land Management: The Sacred Earth Foundation’s 1,260 acres of preservation land are managed to provide diverse habitats for native wildlife. Some forest plots are thinned and limbed to facilitate healthy forest growth and fire protection, while other sites are left alone as dense wildlife corridors.

Waste: Ekone Ranch is dedicated to finding alternative uses for our waste, recycling and land-filling materials as a last resort. Aspiring to one day operate as a zero-waste facility, Ekone residents and friends are working to eliminate the waste of commonly discarded materials on the ranch by finding creative and functional solutions that also serve to educate guests about appropriate waste management. Some current experiments include weaving hammocks and floor mats with plastic bailing twine, plastic bags and animal feed bags; making furniture, lamps and building materials with plastic containers and bottles; lye production from hard wood ash and generating slow-burning fuel and candles with the waste glycerin from biofuel production. All summer camp art and craft projects incorporate reused materials, promoting new experimentation with discards and social/ecological/economic awareness about waste management around the world.

Farming and Food: Ekone’s beautiful and productive garden provides food for residents and programs year round, as do our happy free-range chickens. Medicinal herbs are also abundant on the property, providing us with wild-crafted and organic stock for our salves and tinctures. All food waste is fed to the chickens or composted.

Animal Husbandry: Ekone’s animals are treated with natural remedies and local herbs whenever possible, and are fed with available local and/or organic feed. Ekone’s herd of home-bred horses are trained with an emphasis on respectful partnership over ownership.

Community Development. One of the greatest challenges for rural communities like Ekone is the development of lasting, mutually respectful relationships between all of its members. Committed to honest, open and non-violent communication, continuous personal work and collective decision-making, Ekone residents works hard to experiment with and improve upon strategies for successful community relationships. Our common vision of gentle earth stewardship and sustainable education helps with this process considerably.