Ekone’s Wish Listbucket 001 (Small)

Your gifts of time, expertise, hand-me-downs, financial support, and love are always welcome, and a giant part of what keeps Ekone thriving.  Let us know by emailing sacredearth(at)ekone.org or calling 509-773-4536 if you’re able to help with any of these ranch needs! 

Household Items

  •     Blankets and sheets in good, clean condition for our guest rooms   
  •     5-gallon buckets…a ranch can never have enough of these
  •     Boxes of tea, sacks of coffee…it goes fast around here
  •     Twin mattresses in good condition (three)
  •     Queen bed frame
  •     Rugs of all sizes, especially big ones
  •     Shelving, sideboard, butcher rack, dressers, drawer units…we have lots of places for furniture odds & ends
  •     Pressure cooker
  •     Pots & pans (non-teflon), cutting boards, bowls, serving platters, other great kitchen tools and implements….
  •     I-pod (with music!) and I-pod dock…we’re ready to improve (and down-size) the Lodge’s sound equipment!
  •     Folding chairs
  •     Outdoor furniture
  •     Alarm clocks
  •     Flashlights and headlamps
  •     Large plastic storage bins (Rubbermaid totes, etc)
  •     Milk crates
  •     Large tapestries (for curtains)
  •     Neat craft supplies
  •     Outdoor plants…extra starts that don’t fit in your garden, or perennials that need dividing.  Favorites include hops, crocosmia, alstromeria, lavender, bulbs of all kinds….
  •     Quality art and unique goods for the Barbed Wire Ball auction in September
  •     Surprise us!

Tools & Equipment

  •     Large cider press, so that we can delight you with homemade cider next time you visit
  •     Garden carts & wheelbarrows
  •     Light trailer or horse cart…for horse-drawn use spreading hay around the horse track to make our horses’ lives more interesting in the off-season, among other things!
  •     Teepee poles for our giant 30′ teepee…anyone want to make a trip to lodgepole country for us?
  •     Garden tools, especially spading forks, shovels, and hand pruners, but any extra garden supplies will be put to good use
  •     Miscellaneous shop tools; it’s a big shop and things walk, we’ll give that 4th hammer and extra measuring tape you never use a good home!
  •     Washing machine in good working order
  •     Weedwhacker.  The horses just can’t do it all.
  •     Quality wood planer.  Ours is terrible. 
  •     Horse tack…we do need a few more saddles, and can make use of all kinds of things
  •     Four-wheeler/ATV.  We must be the only ranch in the west without one, and it’s time.


  •     Website (wordpress) administrative help & technical support
  •     Someone who would like to design and build a new greenhouse or garden gates…
  •     Carpenters and mechanics are always welcome on the ranch…
  •     Plumbers are EXTRA welcome.
  •     Tech support for networking our computers and upgrading office systems

Volunteer Time

  •     Lodgekeeper…this position is for 1-6 month periods, and we’re accepting applications year-round
  •     Facilities Assistant…follow Liz around and help keep it all running
  •     Garden Assistant…Ekone’s large, productive garden could always use a little more love
  •     Workparties…now YOU can organize a workparty for 8-20 of your favorite people.   A great opportunity to retreat on the cheap.  Excellent birthday idea!


  •     Love letters…your words of support and encouragement make a BIG difference to us on the ground
  •    Referrals…please talk to your school (youth group, club, friends…) about summer camp and field trips, to your church (organization, team, friends) about the White Eagle cemetery, and your friends (family, neighbors, colleagues) about coming out to Ekone.  We can supply you with brochures & materials! 
  •    Prayers…please keep this special place in your heart!

And always, we need funding to continue this work and keep Ekone running smoothly.  Your tax-deductible donations are very much appreciated, and can be made right here!