Ekone’s Wish Listbucket 001 (Small)

Your gifts of time, expertise, hand-me-downs, financial support, and love are always welcome, and a giant part of what keeps Ekone thriving.  Let us know by emailing sacredearth(at)ekone.org or calling 509-773-4536 if you’re able to help with any of these ranch needs! 

Household Items

  •     Digital cameras to help us capture summer camp magic
  •     Blank shirts for turning into awesome Ekone-wear with our silkscreens (any thrift-store hunters out there?)
  •     Blankets in good, clean condition for our guest rooms   
  •     Sheet sets–Queen and Twin
  •     Large rectangular tablecloths
  •     Boxes of tea (we have a special fondness for chai…), sacks of coffee…
  •     Tea towels.  Where do they all go??!
  •     Ceramic soup bowls and plastic plates
  •     Sharp knives
  •     Alarm clocks & wrist watches
  •     Flashlights and headlamps
  •     Large plastic storage bins with lids
  •     Large tapestries (for curtains)
  •     Interesting reference books for our Oogle library
  •     Outdoor plants…extra starts that don’t fit in your garden, or perennials that need dividing.  Favorites include hops, crocosmia, alstromeria, lavender, bulbs of all kinds….
  •     Quality art, unique goods, and one-of-a-kind experiences for the Barbed Wire Ball auction in September

Craft Supplies

  •     Embroidery floss of all colors
  •     Glue sticks and liquid glue
  •     Hot glue sticks (we have enough hot glue guns)
  •     Mod Podge
  •     Scissors
  •     Rulers
  •     Drawing compasses
  •     Drawing pads and watercolor pads
  •     Natural clay (please no polymer-based modeling clay)
  •     Face paints
  •     Hand sewing needles
  •     Old calendars with cool pictures (we use them to make our own envolopes!)
  •     (We currently have enough small beads, craft “sets”, and old magazines!)

Smallish Tools & Supplies

  •     Shovels
  •     Digging forks
  •     Trowels and hand-diggers
  •     Handheld pruners & loppers
  •     Garden carts & wheelbarrows
  •     Spray nozzles, irrigation timers, sprinklers, hoses
  •     Tents of nearly any size, for staff, volunteers, guests and campers, just so long as they have all their pieces!
  •     Horse tack…we do need a few new/better saddles (particularly child-sized), and can make use of all kinds of things, especially halters and lead ropes
  •     Shop tools: hammers, vice-grips, channel locks, and adjustable crescent wrenches, socket sets (metric and standard) and crescent/bod-end wrenches, paint brushes, Sawzall blades, 10” table saw blades, cobalt drill bits, measuring tapes, carpenter’s squares, chisels, pickaxes and mattocks, drill and driver bits, metal garbage cans with lids, of all sizes, and leather gloves of all sizes, esp smaller sizes!

Big Stuff

  •     Travel trailers or campers, for summer staff housing.
  •     A good mid-size tractor, with a backhoe.  Ours is undersized, unreliable, lacking a backhoe, and made in China.
  •     A basic little economy car for volunteer use
  •     Riding lawnmower, to help us ramp up fire prevention mowing around the ranch.
  •     Horse trailer, 2-4 horse slant or stock, of a newer, lighter, more comfortable variety than our current beast.
  •     Cider press, so that we can delight you with homemade cider next time you visit
  •     Working small power tools including: orbital sanders, belt sanders, Skilsaws, jigsaws, drills/impact drivers
  •     Freestanding metal shelving units
  •     Snow plow to mount to truck or tractor
  •     3-point PTO-driven tractor implements
  •     New-ish diesel generator, at least 8kw
  •     New-ish solar panels, 48v, 250w each, about 4-6

Bunkhouse and other larger Saddle Up! Projects (Looking for connections to local companies or individuals who might donate all or part of the materials cost for these things)

  •     Standing seam green metal roofing
  •     Velux skylights, both opening and non-opening
  •     Rockwool insulation
  •     Plywood sheathing
  •     2x framing lumber
  •     Exterior half-light doors
  •     High-efficiency windows of all sizes
  •     Concrete stain
  •     Rough-sawn 1x pine boards, at least 8’ long and at least 6” wide
  •     Fir or cedar poles, 4-10” wide, and at least 8’ long
  •     Tradespeople willing to donate labor on plumbing, electrical, and fire sprinkler system installation

Volunteer Labor

  •     Lodgekeeper…this position is for 1-6 month periods, and we’re accepting applications year-round
  •     Facilities Assistant…follow Liz & Shawn around and help keep it all running
  •     Garden Assistants…Ekone’s large, productive garden could always use a little more love
  •     Workparties…we have several each year!  Contact sacredearth@ekone.org to make sure you’re on the workparty email list.
  •     Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tech-savvy people, and professionals of all kinds…if you have a skill to offer, please let us know and we can talk projects! 


  •     Love letters…your words of support and encouragement make a BIG difference to us on the ground
  •    Referrals…please talk to your school (youth group, club, friends…) about summer camp and field trips, to your church (organization, team, friends) about the White Eagle cemetery, and your friends (family, neighbors, colleagues) about Ekone Ranch.  We can supply you with brochures & materials! 
  •    Prayers…please keep this special place in your heart!

And always, we need funding to continue this work and keep Ekone running smoothly.  Your tax-deductible donations are very much appreciated, and can be made right here!