Ekone Ranch is owned and operated by Sacred Earth Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, community-stewarded land trust with a mission to hold Sacred Earth Foundation lands in trust, to steward with reverence, and to teach sustainable living to children of all ages.

Stewarding 1,060 acres of land in and around Rock Creek Canyon, Sacred Earth Foundation is responsible for overseeing events and programs that operate on the property.  Current programs include the White Eagle Memorial Preserve (natural burial ground), Ekone summer camps for children, retreats, workshops and ranch events throughout the year.

The circle above reflects the values of Sacred Earth Foundation.  After removing abandoned buildings and piles of trash that once spoiled the beauty and integrity of the land at the edge of Rock Creek Canyon, Ekone campers and staff built this medicine wheel with stones taken from the foundations of the old buildings, and celebrated their restoration work.

This site is now at the corner of the burial grounds.